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Pop armchair by Piero Lissoni

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“Pop is the first couch “”flexible to infinity”", easily removable, it is done industriellement. Pop consists of identical modules transparent polycarbonate, ci – those can be arranged etassortis to infinity and form when they are reunited, the structure takes the sofa : the dossier, the seat-formed plastic crib-and armrests. A highly customizable sofa whose length can vary depending on your needs and which is proving more indestructible : it supports indeed shocks like the most intense solicitations. Much cushions goose feathers, particularly mellow, adorning the structure and provide comfort and a highly curvilinear shape. Several coatings are available : jeans or black leather, especially soft, it has a multitude of personalities while preserving the identity of the project.”

  1. moldova Said,

    Interesting design with glass )

  2. Armchair Said,

    This armchair is an absolutely stunning piece of art.

  3. wall art Said,

    Wow a denim armchair, it looks so comfy I want to sit on it!

  4. Banyo Bathrooms Said,

    Beautiful and stylish.

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