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Twilight Sleep Sofa by Flemming Busk

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Designed in response to a furniture competition at the Arhus School of Architecture in Denmark in 1999, the Twilight Sleep Sofa ingeniously accomplishes what many conventional convertible sofas cannot do: It functions as a single person daybed or easily unfolds for multiple sleepers. Intended for sitting, resting and sleeping, the design is ideal for dens or home offices that double as guest rooms, with its compact form and simple fold out double bed surface. Unlike many sleep sofas, which have uncomfortably deep seating surfaces, this design features a bolster pillow that adjusts to three different positions for customized seat depths (19.5″/23″/34.75″) and lumbar support. The slipcover is welted at the seams with contrast piping for a clean aesthetic, and is removable for cleaning. Grey sofa features black piping, light blue has tan piping and dark grey, grass and autumn feature light grey. Casters on the rear legs make for easy mobility. Uses two twin extra long fitted sheets and coordinating flat sheets or two twin extra long fitted sheets with one king size flat sheet. Made in Denmark.

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