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Magino Barstool by Karim Rashid

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Expanding his clear acrylic collection, Karim Rashid introduces his new Magino Barstool (2006). Simply shaped, his functional stool offers a comfortable, integrated footrest that doubles as storage space for magazines and other print materials. The clear acrylic, which is .6″ thick, brings playfulness to kitchens and workspaces. The barstool quickly dissolves into the environment and leaves an unobstructed view of anything beyond or below its surface. UV protected, the Magino Barstool is suitable for outdoor use. The stool has been tested to hold up to 300 lbs.

  1. alan Said,

    I shopped for bar stools and found to have the best selection.

    the one you show is interesting but not really practical for sitting down for long.

    I ened up getting this one

  2. Yafo Said,

    I love. I want.

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