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"Sculpture" sofa by Nani Prina

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Late 1960s furniture design is dominated by a tendency towards sculptural objects. Nani Prina’s sofa, whose very name, “Sculpture” points in this direction, is a prime example. While, with objects such as these, functionality, i.e., usability and comfort often play second fiddle to aesthetics, Prina’s sofa meets both criteria in exemplary manner. Nani Prina, who also devotes much attention to the theory of design, devised, together with among others Vittorio Parigi an extraordinary writing desk in plastic, which can also be found in the Neue Sammlung collection.

“Sculpture” sofa
Polyurethane foam; metal frame; black fabric cover
H. 72 cm, W. 144 cm, d. 79 cm
Manufacturer: Sormani, Arosio/Como, Italy


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